Air Purifiers, Air Purifier Comparison, Air Purifier Solutions offers the wide range of air purifiers for Residential, Commercial, Institutional and Automotive Air Purifier applications.

Clean air and allergy specialists agree - air purifiers with high level of air filtration efficiency and air purification performance are the most effective air purifier solutions for indoor air quality problems, and a single most effective way to reduce the incidence and severity of allergies and asthma.

However, to get the full benefits from the air purifiers, the air cleaning device should be properly selected to meet many important air purifier criteria such as, the size of the air cleaning area, the number of air changes per hour in the room, the range of air contaminants and air pollutants the air purifiers can effectively remove, as well as many other important air purifier features including, but not limited to: the air purifier safety, the level of noise, the air filtration efficiency, the air purifier filters' cost and the filter's lifetime, the duration of the air purifier warranty, the ease of use, the air purifier energy efficiency, etc.

Purpose of the web site

The purpose of the web site is to give you the basic knowledge of the air purifiers, the air purification technology, the air purifier's design, the most important air purifier features. The detailed air purifier comparison and the air purifier reviews will help you find the best air purifier solution for your indoor air quality problems by choosing the air purifier model that is the most suitable for your particular air cleaning requirements and your specific air purification needs.

From the position of extensive knowledge and over 10-year experience in the field of air purification, we're pleased to offer our customers a wide selection of the most efficient, reliable, safe and technologically advanced air purifiers available today on the air purifier market to make sure that you and your family breath a perfectly filtered clean air and enjoy healthy and comfortable environment in your home.

Why to Shop for Air Purifiers at

Air Purifiers for Most Air Cleaning Applications.

Trying to satisfy the needs of our customers in clean and healthy air, we offer air purifiers for nearly all types of air cleaning conditions and environment, including: portable air purifiers, wide range of room air purifiers, the whole house air purifiers, car air purifiers, wide variety of specialty air purifiers, industrial air purifiers, air purifiers for medical applications, for commercial areas, etc..

Quickly find the top rated air purifiers for most common and special air purifier applications such as: all purpose air purifiers, air purifiers for allergy and asthma relief, air cleaners for effective removal of tobacco smoke, air purifiers for VOCs and specific chemicals, air purifiers for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, most efficient air purifiers to deal with wildfire smoke, volcanic smog, air purifiers for pet allergies, airborne pathogen control air purifiers, etc.

Special Air Purifier Prices and Deep Discounts.

It is hard to over-estimate the importance of the air purifiers in helping people to cope with on-going and after effects of the Environmental devastation such as, wildfires, floods, hurricanes, volcanic activities, etc. To help people protect themselves from the contaminated air in areas affected by the environmental devastations and get back to the normal life sooner, with the help of the air purifier manufacturers we set-up Special Prices and Deep Discounts on air purifier purchases for the affected areas for the extended period of time.

Worry-Free Air Purifier Shopping Experience.

To make your air purifier shopping experience at worry-free, the web site is secured with high Grade SSL certificate. All necessary measures are in place to make sure that all personal information you provide through the web site is totally safe and secure.
To help your air purifier buying decision, our shopping cart will display all the information you need to know about your air purifier purchase without being required to sign-up or open an account first and provide all your personal information up front.

30-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

You also will be pleased to know that all air purifiers purchased through web site come with 30-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. Check the Service Policies page for details.

Maximum Shopping Convenience.

To make your air purifier shopping experience at as convenient and efficient as possible, we prepared the Air Purifier Buyer's Guide. Its purpose is to help you identify the source of air quality problems and select the best and the most suitable air purifiers for you particular air cleaning needs. Check out the Air Purifier Comparison page to compare all air purifiers we offer by air purifier filtration efficiency for different air contaminants and air pollutants, by air purifier performance, by air purifier features, etc.

Free Shipping, No Sales Tax on Air Purifier Purchases.

At we understand that the air purifier purchase is an important investment in the health and the well being of you and your family. However, at the same time it could be a substantial burden to your budget. To help you make this important decision and save on the air purifier purchase, we offer Free Shipping by UPS or FedEx Ground service on most air purifiers in the web site.
Moreover, all air purifier purchases are Tax Free(!) for all US customers. There are No Other Charges or Extra Fees, regardless of the location of the warehouse the air purifiers are shipped from.

Trouble-Free Safe Reliable Products.

To make your experience of using the air purifiers purchased from enjoyable and trouble-free, we offer only the most reliable and safe air purifiers from the leaders in Air purifier Industry. All air purifiers we offer use only high quality air filtration materials and air purifier components. Many air purifiers such as, AirPura Air Purifiers, AllerAir Air Purifiers, Austin Air Purifiers come with 5 to 10 year Limited manufacturer's warranty - Strongest warranty in the air purifier industry.

We also understand the importance of the safety of the air purifiers used by you and your family. Therefore, all air purifiers we offer in this web site do not produce any Ozone or any toxic off-gassing. All air purifiers are UL and CSA certified, and meet the highest air purifier industry standards for safety and reliability.

Offer full Range of Air Purifier Filters.

To make sure that your air purifier is always at a peak of its air purification performance and serves the purpose of cleaning the air in your home or workplace at its best for many years to come, we offer the full range of air purifier replacement filters: HEPA filters, activated carbon filters, pre filters and air purifier accessories.
In a meantime, to guarantee that clean and healthy air doesn't come to you at a significant cost, true HEPA and activated carbon filters in most air purifier models we offer do not need replacement for 3 to 5+ years.
Many models of air purifiers we offer employ interchangeable air filtration systems. This allows users of the air purifiers to achieve the highest level of air filtration efficiency for selective range of air contaminants and air pollutants by installing the filters from another air purifier model within the same air purifier line of product.

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