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How to Place the Order?

Option 1: Placing the Order On-Line.

Easiest way to place the order On-line 24 x 7.
Our Shopping cart allows you to see all details of your order, including the delivery options, delivery charges, the time in transit, the sales tax (if any!) and the total of your order before you'll be asked to provide any personal information whatsoever.
You're not going to be asked to register or open the account.
Just follow few simple steps:

1. Add all the item you're looking for to the Shopping Cart by pressing Add to Cart button next to the item you interested in. Make sure you add the items in a Proper Currency.
If you're looking for more than one item, press Back to Store button to return to the web site and Add all remaining items to the cart.

2. After you added the last item, in the corresponding window of the returned page enter your destination ZIP or Postal Code, then press GO button.
The next page will display all the details of your order. Change the quantity of each item, the delivery service, etc. followed by pressing the Update Cart button to see how these changes affect the Total of Your Order.

3. When you're satisfied with your selection, press the Checkout button to proceed to the Checkout Page and finalize your order through the Secure Connection.
In the Checkout page enter all required information, then press Submit Order button once. The returned page will display the message "Your Order has Been Sent for Processing" along with the details of your order and the assigned order number.
If Correct Email Address was provided in the Checkout Page, you'll receive the instant Receipt (Confirmation) via email with Details of your Order and the assigned Order Number.

Option 2: Placing the Order via Fax.

Follow the steps 1 through 3 of the Option 1 above to prepare your order on-line. However, instead of pressing Submit Order button, print it out on your printer and Fax to us at
To prevent the reception of unsolicited (junk) mail directed to our Fax number in high volume, the fax machine is turned off during the off business hours.
For successful reception please send you Fax during the business hours only!

Option 3: Placing the Order via Phone.

To place the order over the phone, call us Toll Free or a local number
during our Business Hours.
How can I be sure my Personal information is safe?

We Guarantee! At no conditions the personal information you provide in your Order Form, in the Shopping Cart, over the phone or via the Fax will be accessible to the third party (person or company).
To ensure that your personal information is safe while in transit over the Internet, the Shopping Cart and Order Forms are secured with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. All information sent through the Secure Shopping Cart or Secure Order Form is encrypted while in transit over the Internet. This makes it extremely difficult for a third party to de-scramble this information and ensures than only intended party (InTech Marketing) will be able to decrypt and read your information.

To minimize the possibility of inadvertent exposure of our customer's personal information in the unlikely event, we do not collect and store this information on the server. For the same reason, you're not required to register with our company or open an account before you're able to place the order.

We Respect Your Privacy!

We do not create or maintain the mailing lists, and you will never receive any unauthorized emails or phone calls from our company's staff, unless this is directly related to your Order.
What are my Payment Options?

Option 1: Major Credit Cards.

We accept Payments by Major Credit Cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover.

Option 2: Certified Check or Bank Draft.

We also accept payments by Certified Check or Bank Draft. However, in this case the payment has to be received prior to the shipment.
Please Note! We do accept payments by Personal Checks. Howevere, the validation time of the personal check by the bank may take up to 4 weeks(!). This may result in delay of the shipment.

Option 3: Company's Check.

The orders placed by businesses and companies can be paid by the company's check. If there is no account previously set-up for the company, than the payment for the order has to be received prior to the shipment.
Do you Sell to US, Canada, Overseas?
"InTech Marketing" company sells and ships the products to the US and Canada.

Please Note! The delivery services to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico are subject to the availability.

On demand, we also ship the products overseas. Please Contact Us for delivery options, delivery charges and time in transit.

Please Note! Most products we offer are for 120 Volts, 60 Hz electric power supply.
AirPura Air Purifiers and AllerAir Air Purifiers are also available for 220-240 Volts, 50 Hz electric power supply at extra cost.

To use products in countries with different electric power supply, the users need a power converter or a step-down transformer.

Do I have to pay Sales Tax?

US Customers:

There are on all purchases from the web site for all US customers.

Canadian Customers:

There are no PST on all purchases by Canadian customers (except for Ontario residents and from provinces with Harmonized Sales tax HST). Add the products you're looking for to the shopping cart to see all applicable charges and the total of your order or call us Toll free: 1-888-324-9907

Overseas Customers:

There are No Sales Tax on the purchases by all overseas customers.
However, the shipment might be a subject to Sales tax or other charges according to the current laws of your country.
Do I have to pay Other Charges or Fees?

US and Canadian Customers:

There are on all purchases from the web site by all US and Canadian customers. All applicable charges and fees are displayed in the shopping cart.

Overseas Customers:

There are Additional Charges or Extra Fees on the purchases by all overseas customers.
However, the shipment might be a subject to Sales tax or other charges according to the current laws of your country. Consult your Customs Agency or Government Office for details.
What are the Shipping options?
InTech Marketing ships products by the following couriers: UPS, FedEx, US Postal Service (USPS), Canada Post, CanPar.
Delivery Service Available: Regular Standard (Ground), 2nd Day Air (Expedited), Next Day Air (Overnight).

Important Notice!

All Products to US and Canadian Customers are shipped from the warehouses located in either USA or Canada closest to the destination address.
We reserve the right to use the alternative courier that provids similar delivery services to the destination area depending on their efficiency, reliability and the best coverage of the destination area, etc.
Do I have to pay Shipping charges?
Most products are shipped free of charges by UPS or FedEx Ground (Standard) services to all US or Canadian destinations. (Subject to the availability of service).
There are No Duties, Sales Tax or Brokerage Fees on shipments of most air purifiers to all US residents, regardless of the location of the warehouse from which the product is shipped out.
The faster delivery services such as, 2nd Day Air or Next Day Air are also available at the additional cost.
To see all delivery options available, delivery charges and the total of your order for your product selection, add the item(s) to the shopping cart, enter the destination ZIP (or Postal) Code and press GO button.
How do I Check the Status of my Order?

Option 1: On-Line Check Up.

Click the following link to get to the On-line order status check up page.
In the corresponding boxes enter your email address and the assigned order number that was sent to you in the Order Confirmation Email. Then press Submit button.

Option 2: Contact our Customer Service.

You may Contact Us to request the status of your order via email, Fax or telephone.
How to Return the product for a Refund?
The products purchased from InTech Marketing company through the web site come with 30-Day money back satisfaction guarantee and can be returned back for a refund. (Some conditions apply).
Check our company's Return Policy for details.
How do I find out when to replace the filters?
Some air purifiers such as, Sharp air purifiers or Airgle air purifiers are equipped with electronic filter monitor(s) that remind you when it's time to clean or replace the filters.
Please note, these filter monitors are normally the timer based monitors. They do not monitor the actual rate of contamination of the particle filters, but rather use the algorithm to calculated the expected lifespan of the filter based on the number of hours and speed the unit was running at, under normal average residential conditions.

In air purifiers, that are not equipped with electronic filter monitors, use the following simple methods.

For True HEPA Filters:

Place you palm against the clean air outlet. If you notice that the clean air flow (output) is severely suppressed even on High speed setting, and the air purifier makes and excessive noise, this should be considered as a right indication that True HEPA filter is completely clogged and has to be replaced.
Please note! Most air purifiers we offer employ large true HEPA filter with the lifespan under normal residential conditions of 3 to 5+ years.

Activated Carbon Filters:

If you can smell unpleasant odors coming out of the unit, this is the right indication that the activated carbon filter is completely saturated and has to be replaced.

Please note! Most air purifiers we offer such as AirPura Air Purifiers, AllerAir Air Purifiers, Austin Air Purifiers air purifiers employ large activated carbon filter canister with the lifespan under normal residential conditions of 2 to 3+ years.

Do not run the unit with the contaminated carbon filter. The chemicals it may re-introduce into the air can be absorbed by the particles already trapped in True HEPA filter, located downstream the activated carbon filter. If so, True HEPA filter itself may become the source of air contamination and will require the replacement way before the expiration of the lifetime expectancy.

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