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Airgle 750

All Purpose Air Purification. Covers Area 2000 sq. ft.

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AIRGLE 750 Air Purifiers - Overview.

Airgle 750 air purifier employs the one-of-a kind Multi-stage, Multi-filter, Multi-outlet air filtration system that offers the most Effective and Speedy airborne particles, allergens, chemicals and odors air filtration in large open areas up to 2000 sq. ft among 159 air purifiers tested.

Airgle 750 Air Purifiers Recommended for:

- Extra efficient dust, allergen and odor air filtration.
- Cleanroom quality air purification.
- Allergy and asthma sufferers.

AIRGLE 750 Air Purifiers Highly Effective Against:

- Mold and plant spores
- Pollen
- House dust mites and debris
- Lung damaging dust
- Pet dander, pet odors
- Bird feather dust
- Asbestos dust
- Bacteria, Microbes, Viruses
- Household chemicals
- Cuisine odors
- Pet odors
- Moderate tobacco smoke

AIRGLE 750 Air Purifiers Come:

- Fully Assembled.
- With All Filters Installed.
- Ready-to-Use. No installation required.

AIRGLE 750 Manufacturer's Warranty:

- 3 Years, Parts and Labor.

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