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Airgle Air Purifiers Design, Airgle Air Purifiers.

Airgle Air Purifiers Unique Advantageous Design Makes AIRGLE 750 Air Purifier the Premium Choice for Allergy and Asthma Sufferers, and for Wide Variety of Applications where the Perfectly Filtered Clean Air is the Highest Priority.

Pre Filters

AIRGLE 750 air purifier employs 4 permanent washable Pre-filters.
Two filters installed at the top clean air outlet of the unit.
The other two filters installed at the side clean air outlets (one on each side of the unit).

High Air Flow Filters

Two washable high airflow filters (air filtration media with anti microbial agent) kill bacteria and microbes on contact.

True HEPA Filters

AIRGLE 750 air purifier employs four true HEPA filters (99.97% @ 0.3 micron). Two filters installed at the upper clean air outlet in the top of the unit. Another two HEPA filters installed at the side clean air outlets (one on each side). Four HEPA filters render large filtration capacity and ensure long period between filter replacements.

Activated Carbon Filters

Two activated carbon filters installed in the side sets of filters (one carbon filter on each side of the air purifier) trap most household odors and cigarette smoke..

Fragrance Cartridge

The Airgle 750 air purifier also utilizes the fragrance cartridge that emits a pleasant aroma.
AIRGLE 750 Air Purifiers - the Highest AHAM Certified CADR.

AIRGLE 750 air purifier employs one of the most powerful Motor/Fan assembly on the market rated at more than 500 CFM (cubic feet per minute).
In independent laboratory tests performed by the AHAM, the AIRGLE 750 air purifier showed the highest Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) when compared to 159 leading air purifiers.
It is primarily attributed to the use of advanced, high quality, extra powerful, yet energy efficient BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) electric motor.
BLDC motors have numerous advantages over brushed motors, including higher efficiency and reliability, reduced noise, longer lifetime, elimination of ionizing sparks and emission of ozone, and overall reduction of electromagnetic interference (EMI). They also are not subjected to centrifugal forces and vibration.
The One-Piece integrated Motor/Fan assembly delivers the powerful and turbulence-free air flow that makes Airgle 750 Air Purifier sufficient to maintain high air quality in large open areas up to 2000 sq. ft.
5-Speed electronic control allows users to choose between the virtually Silent operation on Low (at 23 dB) and Premium Air filtration Power on Turbo.

AIRGLE - Unique Efficient Air Filtration System.
AIRGLE 750 air purifier employs a unique, one of a kind multistage, multi-filter air filtration systems.

True HEPA Filters

Four True HEPA Filters located right before the clean air output trap over 99.97% of all microscopic dust and allergens down to 0.3 micron in size.

Activated Carbon Filters

Two activated carbon filters trap most household odors, chemicals, per odors, cigarette smoke, etc.

Pre Filters

Four permanent washable pre filters trap most of large dust particle (lint, hair, dirt) and protect true HEPA filters from quick contamination by those large particles.

High Air Flow Anti-Microbial Filters

Two high Air flow filters sterilize the air from microbes, bacteria, viruses and germs by killing them on contact.
AIRGLE Features a Unique Clean Air Delivery System.
Factory balanced one-piece Motor/Fan assembly along with superior quality BLDC electric motor eliminates vibration associated with conventional design of AC electric motors, where the fan is attached to the motor shaft with a set screw. This contributes significantly into the reduction of noise level.
Unobstructed Air Flow moves straight forward towards three clean air outlets located on each side of the unit and at its top. Each equipped with a set of four filters. This unique design of clean air delivery system provides a minimal back pressure, creates minimal turbulence and significantly reduces the level of noise.
As a result On Low speed setting AIRGLE 750 air purifier whispers at a mere 23 dB, while on High the level of noise doesn't exceed 55 dB.
AIRGLE Air Purifier Employ Advanced Electronic Controls.
AIRGLE 750 air purifier offers the Advanced Electronic controls with fully automatic mode.

Advanced Programmable LCD Control Panel.

Programmable LCD Control Panel lets you easily adjust time and speed setting, Auto/Manual operating mode, etc.

Programmable Off Timer

Allows to program the unit to turn off after 1 to 8 hours of operation with 1 hour increment.

Light Sensor for Silent Mode

Switches the air purifier to Silent mode automatically when gets dark or the light in the room is turned off. Ideal for bedrooms and living rooms.

Clean and Replace Indicator

LCD indicator monitors the current air quality condition and reminds you when to clean or replace the filters.

Full Function Remote Control

Full function Remote control offers additional convenience and comfort in operation.
AIRGLE - Environmentally Friendly and Clean Air Purifier.
All components used in AIRGLE air purifiers are carefully selected to eliminate the possibility of toxic off-gassing from the unit and provide the maximum relief to people with Hyper or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.
The all metal housing with baked-on powder coat and the metal structure of carbon canister produce no toxic off-gassing.
Top and Bottom Felt Gaskets produce no toxic off-gassing (unlike the rubber gaskets in most other air purifiers).
Unlike in most other air purifiers, the electric motor and all electric components are isolated from the already filtered clean air in a separate chamber. This prevents recontamination of filtered air by possible off-gassing from hot motor windings and electric components.
Clean Air Outlet located in the upper desk of the unit is away from dust and dirt on the floor.
AIRGLE 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.
AIRGLE Air Purifiers come with 3-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty, parts and labor.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

In the unlikely event that you're not completely satisfied with your new AIRGLE Air Purifier, we provide a 30-day money-back guarantee (some conditions apply. See Customer Service page for details).
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