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AIRGLE Air Purifiers Feature a Unique One-of a Kind Airgle Design of Air Filtration and Clean Air Delivery Systems to Provide the Most Effective and Speedy Allergens, Dust and Household Chemicals Removal.

AIRGLE air purifiers AIRGLE is a newly developed line of advanced air purifiers with new AIRGLE Design which is a perfect blend of the advantageous features inherited from the previous generations of air purifiers with brand new air design improvements gathered from the numerous customer's suggestions and requests.

AIRGLE air purifiers are superbly engineered to meet the most challenging needs of those who demand the highest level of air filtration efficiency and air purification performance without any compromise.

AIRGLE air purifiers incorporate the leading edge air purification technology to guarantee the most Effective and Speedy airborne dust, allergen, specific chemical, tobacco smoke and VOC abatement available today.

The superior fan rating of 560 CFM delivered by Powerful, vibration free one-piece Motor/Fan assembly with Variable Speed control, the long lasting Hospital Grade true HEPA filter, Separate oversized Carbon canister featuring massive amount (18 to 26 lbs.) of regular or enhanced adsorbent mix, none off-gassing the all Metal housing, the high output Germicidal UV bulb, the patent pending TitanClean™ Titanium Dioxide Photo-Catalytic Oxidizer, the Turbulence-free quiet air dynamic design of the Clean Air Delivery System, etc. make Airgle the Most Powerful, Efficient, Quiet and Clean portable air purifiers available. (...more about AIRGLE Design)

AIRGLE Air Purifiers

AIRGLE 750 Air Purifier
AIRGLE 750 air purifier employs one of the most powerful clean air delivery systems on the market and 3 x 4 stage air filtration system to among 159 air purifiers on the market. with CADR at 450 CFM that with the latest discoveries in nano-technology, developed by space research laboratories to offer the most effective and speedy gaseous chemical, odor and VOC abatement available today along with the full scale airborne particle filtration and superior microorganism suppression.

Air Filtration System

  • True HEPA filter 99.97 % @ 0.3 µ, 4 filters.
  • Two activated carbon filters.
  • 2 Anti Microbial filters.
  • 4 Permanent pre filters.
  • Applications
    Highly recommended for allergy and asthma sufferers, cleanroom quality air purification, effective particle filtration, effective chemical control, cigarette smoke removal.

    Effective Against

    - Mold and plant spores, pollen
    - House dust mites and debris
    - Lung damaging dust
    - Pet dander, pet odors
    - Bird feather dust
    - Asbestos dust
    - Microbes, bacteria, viruses
    - Tobacco, wildfire smoke
    - Cuisine odors
    - Over 4000 other chemicals.

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