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AirPura Air Purifier Design

AirPura Air Purifier Design.

AirPura Air Purifier Advantageous Design Makes AirPura Air Purifiers an Excellent Choice for Allergy and Asthma Sufferers, and for Wide Variety of Applications where the Perfectly Filtered Clean Air is the Highest Priority.

AirPura Unobstructed Air Flow

Unobstructed air flow moves freely through large filters without changing direction and without creating any turbulence. This simplified, direct air flow improves the overall air purifier performance and helps minimize noise.

AirPura Large Capacity Carbon Canister

AirPura air purifiers employ Large capacity carbon filters. The amount of adsorbent ranges from 18 lbs. of regular or specialty adsorbent in standard 2" filter canister and up to a massive 26 lbs. in AirPura C600 air purifier, AirPura C600DLX air purifier, AirPura F600DLX air purifier and AirPura T600 air purifier in Extra deep 3" carbon bed canister. Thie ensures a Premium adsorption efficiency and adsorption capacity for over 4000 regular chemicals, VOCs, specific chemicals, tobacco smoke, wildfire smoke, etc.

AirPura Large True HEPA Filter

Large separate HEPA filter contains 40 to 100 sq. ft. (on each side) of fine medical Grade HEPA filter media carefully packed at a rate 10 pleats per linear inch for maximum filtration capacity. It is over 99.97 % efficient in trapping from the air all allergens and dust down to 0.3 micron in size. The warm rolled HEPA filter making process eliminates cracking and tearing of HEPA media and guarantees maximum filtration efficiency.
The metal caps (flanges) in lieu of standard polymer ones, ensure even tighter seal of the filter compartment, and completely eliminate already minimally possible level of chemical off-gassing.

AirPura Super HEPA Filter

The Super HEPA filter used in AirPura 614 series models has even higher filtration efficiency than True HEPA filter - over 99.99% @ 0.3 micron. This ensures the superior level of protection from all microscoic airbrone contaminants and pollutants.

AirPura Oversized Pre-Filter

The oversized Pre-Filter traps large dust and dirt particles as well as tar in tobacco smoke (AirPura T600 air purifier). It also protects fine true HEPA filter from contamination and extends it's lifetime. Pre-filter can be easily vacuumed right through the metal mesh.

AirPura Pressure Seal Filter Gaskets

Non off-gassing top and bottom felt gaskets (instead of widely used rubber ones), pressure seal the filter chamber. This helps eliminate polluted air bypass and improve the overall air purifier performance.

AirPura One Piece Motor/Fan Assembly

Factory balanced one piece Motor/Fan assembly eliminates vibration and the noise associated with traditional design where the fan is attached to the motor shaft with a set screw. Compact Motor/Fan design allows more room for placement of larger filters.

AirPura Motor and Electric Parts in a Separate Chamber

The electric motor and electric components are placed in a separate chamber away from clean air flow. This design prevents possible re-contamination of already filtered air by off-gassing from hot motor windings and electric components.

AirPura High Output Germicidal UV Bulb

Germicidal UV bulb is the fastest and most effective way to sterilize the air from airborne pathogens: microbes, bacteria, viruses, germs.
High output U-shape Germicidal UV bulb (standard in AirPura UV600 air purifier and AirPura P600 air purifier) is strategically placed in the center of the filter compartment. This way it not only sterilizes the filtered air from all airborne pathogens in the passing through air, but also kills microorganisms already trapped in the filters.

AirPura TitanClean™ Titanium Dioxide Photo-Catalytic Oxidizer

TitanClean™ Titanium Dioxide Photo-Catalytic Oxidizer (standard in AirPura P600 air purifier) dramatically increases the range of dangerous airborne chemicals that can be neutralized safely and effectively. Titanium dioxide (TiO2) coating of TitanClean™ reflector in conjunction with the UV light, creates an oxidizing process that instantly breaks molecular bonds and transforms dangerous airborne chemicals to smaller safer compounds. The process repeats itself until only carbon dioxide and water vapor are left.
Photocatalytic oxidation offers the most effective and speedy abatement of previously hard to remove specific chemicals, including formaldehyde, ammonia, carbon monoxide, radon, mercury vapor, PCBs, sulfur oxides, VOCs, etc.
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