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AllerAir 6000 DS Air Purifier, 6000 DS AllerAir Air Purifier.

AllerAir 6000 DS Air Purifier
ALLERAIR 6000 DS AIR PURIFIER (Regular Adsorbent)

Enhanced Adsorption of Chemicals and Tar in Tobacco Smoke. Covers 1600 sq. ft.

$999.95 USD
$999.95 CAD
AllerAir 6000 DS UV air purifier

Enhanced Adsorption of Tobacco Smoke + Strong Airborne Pathogen Control.

$1199.95 USD
$1099.95 CAD

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AllerAir 6000 DS Air Purifier - Overview.

AllerAir 6000 DS Air Purifier employs large activated carbon filter in extra deep 3" carbon bed canister and special Tar-trapping pre filter for enhanced adsorption of chemicals and tar in tobacco (cigarette and cigar) smoke.
AllerAir 6000 DS air purifier makes a perfect air purifier for Second Hand smoke control and for extra efficient chemical adsorption.

AllerAir 6000 DS Air Purifier Recommended for:

- Second hand smoke control.
- Efficient chemicals and odor removal.
- Smoking rooms and lounges.
- Bars, restaurants, hotels.

AllerAir 6000 DS Air Purifier Highly Effective Against:

- 400 Chemicals in tobacco smoke
- Tar in tobacco smoke
- Smoke from Wildfires
- Smoke from wood burning stove
- Heavy Chemicals and odors.
- Household cleansers
- Cuisine odors
- Household allergens and dust
- Microbes, bacteria, viruses (1)
(1) with optional UV bulb.

AllerAir 6000 DS Air Purifier Comes:

- Fully Assembled.
- With All Filters Installed.
- Ready-to-Use. No installation required.

AllerAir 6000 DS Manufacturer's Warranty:

- 5 Years Parts and Labor
- Additional 5 Years, Parts Only.

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AllerAir 6000 DS

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