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AllerAir Air Purifier Design. AllerAir Air Purifiers.

AllerAir Air Purifiers is a Perfect Choice Air Purifiers for Allergy and Asthma Sufferers, and for Wide Variety of Air Purifier Applications where Allergen, Chemical and Pathogen Free Air is the Highest Priority.

AllerAir Air Purifiers Design

Pro-Dense Pre-Filter

Pro-dense pre-Filter traps large dust and dirt particles, as well as tar in tobacco smoke (in AllerAir DS air purifiers). It also protects fine true HEPA filter from contamination by large dust and dirt particles and extends HEPA filter's lifetime. Pre-filter is installed in the center of the air purifier intake. Pre-filter can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement. No tool required.

Large Separate True HEPA Filter

Large separate HEPA filter contains 40 to 80 sq. ft. of Medical Grade HEPA media. Traps over 99.97 % of all allergens and dust down to 0.3 micron in size. True HEPA filter also traps particles smaller than 0.3 micron in size at a rate lower than 99.97%.

Large Capacity Carbon Canister

Large Capacity Carbon filters feature 18 to 26 lbs. of Regular or Enhanced Activated Carbon Adsorbent in standard 2" or Extra deep 3" carbon bed Canister for premium adsorption of over 4000 regular chemicals, specific chemicals, VOCs and tobacco smoke.

Anti Microbial Intermediate Filters

The anti microbial intermediate filters are specially treated to kill bacteria and microbes on contact. The anti microbial filters are installed behind the metal mesh of the carbon canister. They cover the activated carbon bed from the outside and the inside. This way intermediate filters contain fine carbon dust inside the canister and protect true HEPA filter from contamination.

Pressure Seal Filter Gaskets

Closed cell rubber gaskets on top and bottom HEPA and carbon filter caps pressure seal the filter chamber This eliminates polluted air bypass and improves the overall air purifier performance. The non off-gassing top and bottom felt gaskets available in AllerAir MCS air purifiers.

Motor and Electric Parts in a Separate Chamber

The electric motor and electric components are placed in the upper deck of the air purifiers.

Germicidal UV Bulb

Optional Germicidal UV Bulb is placed in a separate compartment above the filter compartment, so that no air escapes the exposure to the UV light. Germicidal UV bulb is available as an option in most AllerAir air purifiers. UV Bulb sterilizes already filtered air from all airborne pathogens and kills microorganisms in the passing through air.

Photo-Catalytic Oxidizer

Optional Photo-Catalytic Oxidizer can dramatically increase the range of dangerous airborne chemicals that can be neutralized safely and effectively. Titanium dioxide (TiO2) coating in conjunction with the UV light, creates an oxidizing process that instantly breaks molecular bonds and reduces airborne chemicals to smaller safer compounds, until only carbon dioxide and water vapor are left.


AllerAir - The Most Powerful Air Purifiers Available.
AllerAir Air Purifiers employ one of the most Powerful, yet Energy efficient PCS (Permanent Split Capacitor) electric motors rated at 560 CFM (cubic feet per minute).
The One-piece integrated Motor/Fan assembly delivers the powerful and turbulence-free air flow that is 40% more than for most other portable air purifiers on the market and sufficient for cleaning areas up to 2000 sq. ft.
Variable Speed control allows users to choose between the Whisper Quiet operation (28.1 dB) on Low, Premium Air filtration Power on High and the countless number of speed settings in between.
AllerAir - The Most Efficient Air Purifiers Available.
AllerAir air purifiers employ one of the most efficient air filtration systems on the market.

True HEPA Filter

Large Hospital Grade True HEPA Filter is over 99.97% efficient in trapping all microscopic dust and allergens down to 0.3 micron in size. It also traps particles smaller than 0.3 micron at a rate below 99.97 %.
Warm rolled filter making process prevents cracking and tearing of HEPA filter media and guarantee the best possible filtration efficiency.
HEPA filter features 10 pleats per linear inch (instead of 6 to 8 pleats in most other air purifiers). This results in the increased air filtration efficiency and filtration capacity.
Spacers between the pleats ensure even particle filtration and air distribution.
Large amount of HEPA filter media (up to 100 sq. ft. in H600 and I600 models) ensures unsurpassed filtration efficiency and filtration capacity among most air purifiers on the market.

Activated Carbon Filter Canister

Large separate carbon filter canister features 18 to 26 lbs of Regular or Specialty adsorbent for almost all gas phase removal needs.
The Extra Deep 3" carbon bed (C600 and T600 models) extends the dwell time for polluted air and renders the premium adsorption capacity for over 4000 regular chemicals, specific chemicals, VOCs and tobacco smoke. Wide variety of special blends are available for most specific air cleaning requirements.
Activated carbon canister has a durable non off-gassing the all metal casing. Can be replaced or refilled.

Germicidal UV Bulb

High output (30,000 µWatt) U-shape Germicidal UV bulb is standard in UV600 model and optional in other models)
Germicidal UV Bulb generates the UV light with specific wavelength of 253.4 nM.
The UV light with this wavelength provides sterilization power 1,600 times of a direct daylight and is extremely lethal to airborne pathogens: viruses, bacteria, microbes.
Germicidal UV bulb Generates No Ozone.
It is strategically positioned in the center of a filter compartment for best exposure.
Deactivates all pathogens in the passing through air and the ones trapped in the filters.
UV Bulb lifetime: 20,000 hours (regardless the number of On/Off cycles).

Pre Filter

Polyester based, vacuumable.
570 sq Effective surface area, 1 inch deep.
Traps large dust and dirt particles.
Extends the lifetime of true HEPA filter.
Can be vacuumed from the outside right through the metal mesh.
Filter's lifetime*: 6 to 9 months.

Micro-Suppress Filters

Two unbleached pesticides-free cotton filters surround the carbon canister.
Suppress (deactivate) microbes and bacteria on contact.
Retain possible carbon dust inside the carbon canister.
Filter's lifetime: replaced simultaneously along with activated carbon filter canister.
Non-treated cotton filters available upon request instead of standard treated ones.

Vacuum Seal Gaskets

Top and bottom Felt gaskets pressure seal the filter chamber.
Eliminate polluted air by-pass.
Felt gaskets produce No toxic off gassing.
AllerAir - The Quietest Air Purifiers Available.
Factory balanced one-piece Motor/Fan assembly eliminates vibration associated with traditional design (where fan is attached to the motor shaft with a set screw), and reduces noise significantly.
Unimpeded Air Flow moves directly through the filters to the clean air outlet with minimal turbulence and noise.
As a result On Low speed AllerAir units whisper at a mere 28.1 dB (at 6 ft. from the unit).
On High the level of noise doesn't exceed 62 dB.
AllerAir - The Cleanest Air Purifiers Available.
All components used in AllerAir air purifiers are carefully selected to eliminate the possibility of toxic off-gassing from the unit and provide the maximum relief to people with Hyper or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.
The all metal housing with baked-on powder coat and the metal structure of carbon canister produce no toxic off-gassing.
Top and Bottom Felt Gaskets produce no toxic off-gassing (unlike the rubber gaskets in most other air purifiers).
Unlike in most other air purifiers, the electric motor and all electric components are isolated from the already filtered clean air in a separate chamber. This prevents recontamination of filtered air by possible off-gassing from hot motor windings and electric components.
Clean Air Outlet located in the upper desk of the unit is away from dust and dirt on the floor.
AllerAir - Air Purifiers for All General and Most Specific Air Cleaning Needs.
AllerAir Air Purifiers are available in Wide Range of Models for Residential, Institutional, Commercial and Industrial Applications with the maximum coverage per unit of 2000 sq. ft.

AllerAir EXEC Air Purifiers

Excellent choice for complete removal from the air of your home and office of all allergens, airborne contaminates, over 4000 chemicals, light VOCs and all noxious odors.

AllerAir VOC Air Purifiers

Combines the efficiency of True HEPA filter in trapping of allergens and dust with the ability of Enhanced Carbon Mix to remove Formaldehyde, Ammonia, Aldehydes other VOCs.

AllerAir Air Purifiers with Optional Germicidal UV bulb

Adds the extremely high Sterilization Power of Germicidal UV (Ultra Violet) Light for effective airborne pathogens (microbes, viruses, bacteria, germs) control.

AllerAir D Air Purifiers and AllerAir DX Air Purifiers

Employs oversized activated carbon canisters (26 lbs.) with extra deep 3" carbon bed to increase the dwell time for polluted air and thus to maximize the adsorption efficiency and capacity for over 4000 regular and most specific chemicals.

AllerAir DS Air Purifier

Employs a combination of a unique Tar trapping Pre filter, Extra deep 3" Carbon Bed Canister and micro HEPA filter for effective cleaning of the air from Tobacco smoke, odors, fine ash particles and tar.
AllerAir 10-Year Manufacturer's Warranty is Strongest in the Industry.
AllerAir Air Purifiers come with 10-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty - one of the strongest and the most Comprehensive in the Air Purifier Industry.
It Includes:

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

In the unlikely event that you're not completely satisfied with your new AllerAir Air Purifier, we provide a 30-day money-back guarantee (some conditions apply. See Customer Service page for details).

5-Year Warranty, Parts and Labor.

AllerAir Air Purifiers are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal residential use for Five Years from the date of purchase.

Additional 5-Year Warranty, Labor Only.

AllerAir Air Purifiers are guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship under normal residential use for an additional period of 5 Years after the expiration of the 5-Year Warranty for Parts and Labor.
This makes the total duration of the manufacturer's warranty for defect-free labor of 10 (Ten) Years.
If the unit requires a reparation after the expiration of the 5-Year warranty for Parts and Labor, the owner has to cover the cost of replacement filters, while the labor is going to be free of charge.
AllerAir Air Purifiers Available in Wide Range of Colors.
AllerAir Air Purifiers are available in a Choice of Three Attractive Colors to harmonize with the Decor of any home or office.
The Range of colors includes: White, Black, Sandstone.
All Colors are non-gloss textured that blend perfectly into decor of any home or office.
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