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Privacy Policy

We Guarantee! The personal information you provide in your Order Form, through the Shopping Cart, over the phone or via Fax will be kept safe and secure and is not going to be accessible to the third parties (person or a company) without your prior written authorization.
However, the minimally required information has to be shared with our business partners such as: shipping companies, warehousing facilities, manufacturers to fulfill and expedite your order the most efficient and speedy way.

Web Site Security

To ensure that your personal information is safe while in transit over the Internet, the Shopping Cart and Mail Forms are secured with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. All information sent through the Secure Shopping Cart or Mail Form is encrypted (scrambled) while in transit over the Internet. This makes it extremely difficult for a third party to de-scramble this information, and ensures than only intended party (InTech Marketing) will be able to decrypt and read your information.

To exclude the possibility of inadvertent exposure of our customer's personal information in case of the unlikely event, we do not collect and store this information on the server. For the same reason, you're never required to register with our company or open an account to get all the details of your order before making a decision.

We Respect Your Privacy!

We do not create or maintain the mailing lists, and you will never receive any unauthorized email messages or phone calls from our company's staff, unless this is directly related to your Order.
Pricing Policy

The Prices are Subject to Change without Prior Notice.

The Prices in the web site are displayed in both:
- US currency for US customers,
- Canadian currency for Canadian customers.

Price Match Policy.

Should you find similar products at a lower price than advertised in our web site, we'll gladly match or beat that price. This policy applies to all products offered in the web site, except for the Close out or discontinued merchandise, reconditioned or refurbished products, the Out of stock products.
Sufficient proof of the offered lower purchase price may be required. Although we'll most likely beat our competitor's price, we reserve the right not to do so.
Order Processing Policy

All Orders placed over the Internet, over the Fax or over the Phone are processed and shipped out at the Earliest possible time.
Orders for the In-Stock products are usually shipped out within 24 to 48 hours.
The customers who place the order on-line and provide correct and valid email address, receive the instant automatic notification via email with the details of the order, the assigned unique order number and the additional information related to the shipment and tracking of the order.
Those customers also receive the automatic notification of shipment with the Tracking Number and the tracking instructions upon shipment of the order.
The charges for the products purchased from this web site will appear in the customer's credit card statement under our company's name "InTech Marketing".
Please Note, at no conditions our company will be responsible for the service charges or fees of any kind imposed by the customer's financial institution in connection with these transactions, that arise from the service agreement between the customer and the customer's financial institution.

Please Note! The received orders are subject to approval by "InTech Marketing" company before they are being processed.
InTech Marketing may refuse to process the order(s) received. Subject to the product availability, possible product recall or safety issues, customer's buying history consideration, etc.
The customer whose orders cannot be processed or have been refused will receive the prompt Notification of Cancellation via email.
The order that is not shipped promptly can be placed on hold and will be considered as Pending, unless cancelled by the customer. Refer the Order Cancellation Policy below.

Order Cancellation Policy

The Order can be Canceled at No Charge before it's shipped out.
Request for cancellation must be sent to us in writing via Email at
Write "Cancel Order # (Order Number)" in the Subject Line of the Email.
You may also Fax your Request for Cancellation at 905-469-2861 (works during the business hours only).
Under no Circumstances the order can be cancelled after it's been shipped out.
However, you may return the product back to our company for a Refund or Credit.
Please see the guidelines for Return, Refund Policy below.
Important Notice! Customers who refuse the shipments of their orders are subject to the following charges and fees:

  • Shipping charges both ways.
  • Brokerage fees (if any).
  • 5 % credit card processing fees.
  • Restocking fees (if applicable).
  • Shipping Policy
    The products are shipped from different locations in the USA and Canada by following couriers: UPS, FedEx, US Postal Service, CanPar, Canada Post.

    Most products are shipped Free of Charge by UPS or FedEx Ground (Standard) services to all destinations served in the USA and Canada, regardless of the warehouse location.
    However, UPS or FedEx Ground are not Guaranteed delivery service. The time in transit takes from 2 business days to the closest destinations to 5-6 business days to remote ones.
    Please Note! The time in transit by Ground (Standard) services excludes the Holidays and Weekends.
    There is also no delivery service for Ground / Standard shipments on the weekends. Faster delivery services, such as UPS 2nd, Next Day, FedEx Express services are available and can be selected from the Delivery Service pull down menu of the Shopping Cart.
    Please Note! The processing time for all orders regardless of the delivery service selected, is 24 to 48 hours minimum.
    The shipment cannot be stopped, re-directed or reversed after it left the warehouse and becomes a Return Procedure should you change your mind about the ordered product.

    Tracking the Order
    To track your order you need to obtain the tracking number for your order.
    The customers, who place the orders on-line and provided the correct valid email address, receive the automatic Notification of shipment via email along with the Tracking number(s) on the same day the order is shipped out.
    You may also inquire about the shipment of your order and request the Tracking Number by contacting our company via Email, Fax or telephone.
    See the Contact Us page for details.
    The shipment can be tracked every step of the way using the Tracking Number and the Tracking options provided in the courier company's web site.
    Damages in Transit

    Carefully inspect the merchandise upon arrival for possible damages in transit. If the problem found, call us at our toll free # 1-888-324-9907 or email at immediately to report the problem. To help us speed up the shipment of the replacement product, include the tracking number and a the serial number of the product.
    All damages should be reported to InTech Marketing not later than within 24 to 48 hours after receiving of the shipment. The merchandise is deemed to be in good order and free from defects, if no damages or problems are reported within this time frame.
    The merchandise damaged in transit and timely reported to our company will be replaced with new one ASAP at no extra cost to the customer.
    Please also call the courier to report the problem with the received shipment.
    Do not throw away the packaging or any part of it unless you're completely sure that the merchandise is problems-free and that you're not planning to return it back for a refund!
    Return, Refund Policy
    If you're not completely satisfied with the product purchased from the web site, it can be returned back for a refund within 30 days from the date of purchase (Invoice), unless otherwise is specified in the conditions of the sale.
    The merchandise should be returned in full with all applicable accessories and materials (filters, User Manual, etc.).
    The product must be returned in the original condition (no scratches, damages) and in the original manufacturer's packaging.
    The replacement filters and other disposable items such as, UV bulbs, Felt Gaskets, etc. cannot be returned once they were unsealed and/or installed in the unit.
    The product has to be sent back insured with sufficient postage and the Return Authorization number.
    Important Notice! No returns will be accepted without the Return Authorization (RA#) number.
    To obtain a Return Authorization (RA) number you need to Fax us the letter - Request for RA#
    Click here to download the letter in .doc (document) format
    Click here to download the letter in .pdf (Acrobat Reader) format.
    Read the Letter carefully and sign it.
    Scan the signed letter and email it in the attachment at this email address:
    The RA# along along with the simple instructions on how and where to return the product will be emailed to you promptly upon receiving your signed letter. The issuing of RA# is a subject to compliance to our company's policies.
    To avoid the extra charged in transit we strongly encourage our customers to send the products back to our company by Postal Service.
    If the merchandise is shipped by UPS or FedEx couriers, in the shipping waybill the shipper should check the box "Free Domicile" or "Bill Duty, Tax and Shipping Charges to Shipper". The box and the shipping documents for the products shipped back to the Canadian warehouse, should be clearly marked with "Canadian Goods Return" and the RA # Number.
    All free items (bonuses) included with the purchase (if any) should accompany any return. Otherwise, the regular sale price of these items will be deducted from the amount of refund. The returned merchandise is a subject to inspection for possible damages in transit or other problems. If no damages or problems found, the refund is issued within a week since arrival of the shipment. All applicable shipping and handling charges related to the shipment of the merchandise to the customer and back such as: freight, brokerage, etc. (if any) are not refundable and will be deducted from the amount of credit.
    This policy applies to all the merchandise sold through our web sites including those advertised with the shipping and handling charges included in the purchase price - Free Shipping." The shipment may be refused and no credit will be issued if any of the conditions above is not met.

    Special Conditions: (Based on and in line with the manufacturer's return policies.)

    AllerAir Air Purifiers:

    AllerAir air purifiers that are returned back within 30 days of delivery date are subject to an additional 25% restocking fees. The restocking fees represent the cost of the replacement filters which are disposed of. This is a part of the guarantee, that when a machine is shipped out to the customer, all filters are brand new and have never been used in a previous environment.

    AirPura Air Purifiers:

    AirPura air purifiers that are returned within 30 days of delivery date are subject to an additional 25% restocking fee. The restocking fee represents the disposal cost of the replacement filters. This is part of the guarantee that when a machine is shipped out to a customer, all filters are brand new and have never been used in a previous environment.

    Austin Air Purifiers:

    All Austin Air air purifiers that are returned within 30 days of delivery date are subject to an additional $25 restocking fees. The restocking fee represents the disposal cost of the replacement filters. This is part of the guarantee that when a machine is shipped out to a customer, all filters are brand new and have never been used in a previous environment.

    Amaircare Air Purifiers:

    All Amaircare air purifiers that are returned within 30 days of delivery date are subject to an additional 25% restocking fees. The restocking fee represents the disposal cost of the replacement filters. This is part of the guarantee that when a machine is shipped out to a customer, all filters are brand new and have never been used in a previous environment.

    Please Note, as a result of the recent changes in the policies of the credit card processing companies, the credit card processing fees (may vary depending on the card) are not refundable and will be deducted from the amount of refund.

    Warranty Repair, Replacement
    All products sold through the web site come with the Limited manufacturer's warranty to the first retail purchaser.
    Should you have any questions, any issue with the product or any problem, InTech Marketing company's staff is always happy to provide you with the necessary assistance and support.
    However, all question regarding the warranty repair or replacement should be addressed to the manufacturer of the product directly. The warranty statement and the phone number of manufacturer's customer service department can be found in the Owner's (User) Manual included with the product.
    According to the manufacturer's warranty, if the problem occurs under normal use and within the duration period of the manufacturer's limited warranty, the product is repaired or replaced with new one by the manufacturer at its own options free of charge to the customer.
    If case of the minor defect (if any), the customer may request a repair kit along with the simple step-by-step instructions on how the fix the defect.
    In the unlikely event of the product failure or a serious problem, the defective product should be sent to the manufacturer's closest warehouse for free reparation or replacement with new one (within the duration of the manufacturer's warranty period).
    The product has to be sent with sufficient postage and protection at the address provided in the Owner's Manual on the product.
    The repaired product or the replacement one is shipped back to the customer free of charge.
    If the product requires reparation beyond the warranty period, it's done by the manufacturer at a cost on case by case basis.
    Sales Tax and Other Charges
    There are on all purchases from the web site by all US customers.

    There are no Provincial Sales Tax (PST) on all purchases by Canadian customers (except for Ontario residents and residents from Atlantic provinces with Harmonized taxes HST). Add the products you're looking for the shopping cart to see all applicable charges and the total of your order or call us Toll free: 1-888-324-9907

    Overseas Customers:

    There are No Sales Tax on the purchases by all overseas customers.
    However, the shipment might be a subject to the Customs duties or other charges according to the laws of your country.
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