Sharp FZR65HFU / FZ-R65HFU Filter


$139.99 USD
$119.95 USD
$159.99 CAD
$139.95 CAD
Sharp FZR65HFU Filter Kit

Sharp FZR65HFU (Sharp FZ-R65HFU) Filter Kit.
Fits Sharp FPR65CX (FP-R65CX), Sharp FPP60CX (FP-P60CX).

Sharp FZR65HFU Filter Ships in Canada and US

Sharp FZR65HFU Filter is the Original OEM Sharp Filter.
Sharp FZR65HFU Filter contains replacement HEPA and Carbon filters for Sharp FPR65CX, FPP60CX.

Sharp FZR65HFU Filter Includes:

  • True HEPA filter.
    True HEPA filter traps microscopic allergens and dust at a rate over 99.97 % down to 0.3 micron in size.
  • Activated Carbon filter (washable, reusable).
    Activated carbon filter removes household chemicals, odors and cigarette smoke.
  • Sharp FZR65HFU Filter's Lifetime:

  • True HEPA filter - 2 to 5 Years.
  • Activated carbon filter - 2 to 5 Years.
  • Sharp FZR65HFU Filter needs to be replaced when the Filter Change monitor light comes on.

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