Sharp Air Purifiers Sharp KC-850U (KC850U) Air Purifier

Sharp KC-850U (KC850U) Air Purifier

Sharp KC-850U


Sharp KC-850U Air Purifier with Humidifying Function.

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Sharp KC850U (KC-850U) Plasmacluster Air Purifier
with Humidifying Function for Rooms up to 254 sq. ft.

Sharp KC850U (KC-850U) Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifying Function

Sharp KC-850U Air Purifier - Overview Sharp KC-850U Air Purifier with Humidifying Function
Sharp KC-850U Air Purifier - Sharp Plasmacluster air purifier with Humidifying function offers a unique combination of air treatment technologies that helps clean the air from most airborne contaminants and pollutants, sterilize the air from microbes and germs and maintain comfortable humidity level in large rooms up to 254 sq. ft.


Sharp KC-850U Air Purifier is Recommended for:

  • Allergy and Asthma sufferers.
  • Effective filtration of the air from all microscopic allergens and dust.
  • Adequate removal of household chemicals, odors and freshening of the air.
  • Effective control of bacteria, microbes, viruses and germs.
  • Maintaining comfortable humidity level.
  • Sharp KC-850U Air Purifier Effectively traps:

  • Mold and plant spores.
  • Pollen.
  • House dust mites and debris.
  • Lung damaging dust.
  • Pet dander.
  • Bird feather dust.
  • Asbestos dust.
  • Cuisine odors.
  • Pet odors.
  • Cigarette smoke.
  • Household chemicals.
  • Microbes, bacteria, viruses, germs.
  • Sharp KC-850U Air Purifier Comes from the factory:

  • Brand New.
  • Fully Assembled.
  • With full set of Filters Installed (per model specification).
  • Ready-to-Use (unpack and plug it in).
  • No installation required.
  • Sharp KC-850U Air Purifier Replacement Filters.

    Sharp KC-850U Requires Replacement Filters:

    Sharp KC850U Air Purifier Manufacturer's warranty:

    1 Year warranty (Parts and Labor).
    Sharp KC-850U Air Purifier - Features

    Sharp KC-850U Air Purifier Air Filtration System

    True HEPA Filter.

    True HEPA filter traps over 99.97% of all airborne contaminants down to 0.3 micron.
    Antimicrobial protection inhibits growth of microbes and bacteria.
    The effective surface of True HEPA filter is 18 sq. ft (approx.) on either side.
    Spacers between the pleats ensure even particle filtration and air distribution.
    HEPA Filter's lifetime*: up to 5 years.

    Pre Filter.

    Polyester based pre-filter traps large dust and dirt particles.
    Pre-filter protects true HEPA filter from faster contamination.
    Pre-filter can be vacuumed when gets dusty or washed when is heavily soiled.

    Activated Carbon (Deodorizing) Filter.

    Activated carbon (deodorizing) filter helps remove unpleasant household odors and moderate cigarette smoke.
    Activated carbon filter's lifetime - up to 5 years.

    PlasmaclusterŪ Ion Generator.

    Patented Sharp Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) generating device releases the controlled balanced shower of negative and positive ions.
    PCI recreates the natural chemical process that purifies the air in the Earth's atmosphere.
    Positive and negative ions help deactivate most airborne allergens and pathogens including viruses, bacteria, microbes, mold spores, germs, fungi and other pollutants.

    Sharp KC-850U Air Purifier Humidifying Function

    Sharp's Exclusive Humidifying Function.

    Sharp KC850U Air Purifier employs removable water tank (0.96 Gal. capacity) and a mist (humidifying) filter to add humidity into the air.
    Humidifying function allows to maintain the comfortable humidity level to bring soothing relief from dry air and reduce the static electricity.
    Automatic operation mode uses the sensors to automatically adjust fan speed for optimal air quality and the humidity level in the room.

    Sharp KC-850U Air Purifier Multi Functional Display

    Multi Functional Display in the Front panel of the unit is used to display:

  • Level of Impurities in the air (Green, Yellow or Red colors).
  • Water Tank Empty (Red light) (dubbed with sound indicator).
  • Current Humidity Level in the room.
  • Plasmacluster ON (Blue light).

    Sharp KC-850U Air Purifier Motor/Fan Assembly

    Employs Ultra Energy Efficient DC (direct current) electric motor with backward curved impeller fan.
    "Library Quiet" air purifier - ideal for bedrooms and living rooms.
    Noise level on "Low" setting is only 19 dB.
    3-Speed Fan control allows to choose the optimal air flow / noise ratio setting in most situation.

    Sharp KC-850U Air Purifier Housing Design

    Slim Space Saving Design (only 10" deep) takes minimal floor or table top space.
    Controls are conveniently located at the top panel of the unit.
    Polluted air intake in the back of the unit requires it to keep at least 1 foot away from the wall.
    Clean air outlet is in the top panel of the unit away from dust and dirt on the floor.

    Sharp KC-850U Air Purifier Performance

    Fan Rating (Free flow) - 340 CFM (estimated).
    Ultra Energy efficient yet powerful electric motor ensures Safe and Quiet operation.
    Maximum cleaning area - 762 sq. ft. (@ 2 air changes per hour)
    Recommended cleaning area - 254 sq. ft. (@ 6 air changes per hour)

    Sharp KC-850U Air Purifier Power Requirements

    Energy StarŪ Qualified air purifier.
    Power supply: 120 Volts, 60 Hz.
    Power consumption: Low - 3.5 / Medium - 9 / High - 50, Watts
    Low power consumptions helps save on air purifier operating cost.

    Sharp KC-850U Air Purifier Dimensions

    Width - 14 7/8", Height - 23", Depth - 10 1/2"

    Sharp KC-850U Air Purifier Weight

    Product weight: 21.4 lbs.

    Sharp KC-850U Air Purifier Warranty

    Manufacturer's warranty:
    - 1 Years Parts and Labor.

    Sharp KC-850U Air Purifier Certification

    Conforms to UL/cUL.

    * Under normal residential conditions.

    Sharp KC-850U Air Purifier - Technical Specification
    Parameter Sharp KC850U Air Purifier
    Air Filtration System 2-Stage. Separate True HEPA filter + Activated Carbon filter.
    Pre Filter Yes. (Polyester based washable reusable)
    HEPA Filter True HEPA 99.97% @ 0.3 µ w/ Antimicrobial Protection.
    Carbon Filter Yes ( washable, reusable)
    Anti Microbial Filter Yes
    Humidifying Section Yes
    Filling Capacity, Gal. 0.96
    Daily Humidity Output, Gal. Low - 1.5 / Medium - 2.1 / High - 3.9
    Ultra Violet (UV) Bulb No
    Photocatalytic Oxidizer No
    Ionizer PlasmaclusterŪ Ion (PCI) Generator.
    PlasmaclusterŪ Modes On / Off
    Plasmacluster Indicator Light Yes
    Filter Change Monitor Yes
    Air Quality Indicator Light Yes (Green / Yellow / Red)
    Humidity Level Indicator Yes (digital)
    Remote Control No
    Off Timer No
    Air Quality Sensor Yes (detects particles, temperature and humidity)
    Automatic Operating Mode Yes (adjusts fan speed according to air quality, temperature and humidity)
    Motor / Fan Assembly Factory Balanced One Piece Motor / Fan Assembly.
    Fan Rating, CFM 340 (estimated)
    Number of Speed Settings 3 (Low / Medium / High)
    Air Flow by Speed, CFM Low - 28 / Medium - 88 / High - 194
    Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), CFM Dust - 164 , Pollen - 174, Smoke - 164
    Maximum Cleaning Area, sq. ft. 727 (@ 2 air changes per hour)
    Recommended Cleaning Area, sq. ft. 254 (@ 6 air changes per hour)
    Level of Noise, dB Low - 19 / Medium - 34 / High - 51 ("Library Quiet")
    Power Consumption, Watts. Low - 3.5 / Medium - 9 / High - 50
    Dimensions, inch. (W x H x D) 14 7/8" x 23" x 10 1/2"
    Weight, lbs. 21.4
    Manufacturer's Warranty, Years 1 Years Parts and Labor
    Power requirements. (4) 110-120 Volts, 60 Hz
    ENERGY STARŪ qualified Yes
    Certification. Conforms to UL/cUL
    Sharp KC-850U Replacement Filters



    SHARP FILTERS Sharp Replacement Filters.
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