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Sharp Air Purifiers. Technical Specification.

Sharp Model FPR30CX KCC70U KCC100U KCC150U
Air Filtration System True HEPA, Separate Carbon, Plasmacluster Ion
Pre Filter Permanent Vacuumable Washable
HEPA Filter 20 sq. ft. HEPA, 99.97 % @ 0.3 µ 25 sq. ft. HEPA, 99.97 % @ 0.3 µ 30 sq. ft. HEPA, 99.97 % @ 0.3 µ 33 sq. ft. HEPA, 99.97 % @ 0.3 µ
Carbon Filter None Washable Washable Reusable
Anti Microbial Filter Apatite Anti microbial filter Apatite Anti microbial filter Apatite Anti microbial filter Apatite Anti microbial filter
Ultra Violet (UV) Bulb No
Photocatalytic Oxidizer No
Ionizer PCI (Plasmacluster Ion Device) PCI (Plasmacluster Ion Device) PCI (Plasmacluster Ion Device) PCI (Plasmacluster Ion Device)
Filter Change Monitor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Motor / Fan Assembly DC (Direct Current) DC (Direct Current) DC (Direct Current) DC (Direct Current)
Fan Rating, CFM 115 145 194 272
Number of Speed Settings Three Speed Electronic Control
Clean Air Delivery Rate AHAM Certified, CFM (cubic feet per minute)
- Dust 98 115 164 209
- Pollen 94 120 174 245
- Smoke 83 115 164 224
Maximum Cleaning Area, sq. ft. @ 2 air changes 330 535 727 1020
Recommended Cleaning Area @ 6 air changes 129 178 254 347
Level of Noise, dB.
Low / Medium/ High
27 / 45 / 57 17 / 36 / 49 17 / 34 / 51 17 / 40 / 55
Humidifying Section No Yes Yes Yes
Water tank capacity, Gal. N/A 0.76 0.96 1.06
Daily humidity output, Gal. N/A 0.8 1.2 1.5
Power Consumption, Watts, Low/Medium/High. 4 / 6 / 49 3.5 / 8 / 35 3.5 / 9 / 50 4.7 / 15 / 95
Dimensions, inch.
width x depth x height
16.5 x 6.25 x 17 14.25 x 9.25 x 21.6 14.9 x 10.5 x 23 15.75 x 11.4 x 24.75
Weight, lbs. 11 18.1 20.1 25
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year, Parts and Labor
Power requirements. 110-120 Volts, 60 Hz
Certification. UL listed/ CSA certified

Air Filtration Efficiency for Allergens and Dust.

Sharp KCC150U air purifier employs the largest size true HEPA filter (33 sq. ft.) and has the highest CADR out of all models of Sharp air purifiers.
This results in the largest filtration capacity for all solid airborne contaminates (allergens, lung damaging dust, etc.) among all Sharp air purifiers and makes it the model of choice for use in larger open areas up to 1020 sq. ft.*
Sharp Plasmacluster Ion active technology in all models of Sharp air purifiers helps remove from the air all solid all airborne contaminates and deactivate airborne pathogens, thus providing a significant boost to the overall air filtration efficiency of Sharp air purifiers.

Regular Chemicals and Odor Removal (Adsorption).

All Sharp air purifiers employ similar carbon filters to remove from the air household chemicals and odors. Activated carbon filter in Sharp air purifiers provide adequate removal from the air of most common household chemicals and odors. Sharp air purifiers, models KCC70U, KCC100U and KCC150U employ washable, reusable carbon filter which is good for up to 5 years. The activated carbon filter in Sharp FPR30CX air purifier is not washable, and has to be replaced with new one when gets full every 2 years (on average).

Specific Chemicals and VOC Removal (Adsorption).

Unlike other air purifiers in the group such as, AirPura air purifiers, AllerAir air purifiers or Austin air purifiers, Sharp air purifiers do not offer the optional carbon filter for trapping VOCs and specific chemicals. However, multiple studies and laboratory tests conducted on Sharp air purifiers, show that Sharp Plasmacluster Ion device helps reduce the concentration of specific chemicals in the air.

Tobacco Smoke Removal

All Sharp air purifiers employs similar efficiency activated carbon filters that provide adequate filtration of the air from light cigarette (tobacco) smoke and odors.
Sharp Plasmacluster Ion air purification technology has also proven effective in reducing the concentration of cigarette smoke and odors in household and office environment.
However, if cigarette, tobacco smoke and odors is your major air quality concern, AirPura air purifiers, AllerAir air purifiers or Austin air purifiers, equipped with large activated carbon canister (15 lbs. to 35 lbs. of activated carbon per unit) are much better Tobacco Smoke Air Purifiers control.

Airborne Pathogens Suppression

Sharp air purifiers employ Apatite anti microbial and anti bacterial filter to kill microbes, bacteria and germs on contact.
Sharp's exclusive patented Sharp Plasmacluster Ion active air purification technology has been proven effective against Bird Flu Virus and for most other airborne pathogens control.

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