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Sharp Plasmacluster Ion. How it Works.

Step One

The Ion Generator uses an alternating plasma discharge to split the airborne molecules of water into positively charged hydrogen (H+) and negatively charged oxygen (O2-).
These positive and negative ions are the same ions found in abundance in nature, such as forest, mountains, fields and are completely harmless to humans. The generation of ozone is less than 0.01 ppm (particles per million), much lower than the consumer electronics industry standard of 0.05 ppm.
Step Two
The shower of negative and positive ions is released through the clean air outlet quickly spreads out within the entire volume of air in the room. Positive and Negative Ion generated by plasma discharge have a property of forming clusters around microscopic particles and microorganisms floating in the air.
Step Three
A hydroxyl radical is very unstable. To stabilize itself, it robs the hydrogen from any harmful airborne particles it encounters. Doing so, the hydroxyl radical damages the harmful micro organisms and deactivates them.
Step Four
The clusters seek out and surround harmful airborne substances such as fungi, viruses, microbes, bacteria, plant and mold spores, dust mite debris, etc. At this point, a chemical reaction occurs, and the collision of hydrogen with oxygen ions creates groups of highly reactive OH radicals, called hydroxyl - Nature’s form of a Detergent.
Step Five
Once the Hydroxyl eliminates hydrogen from the virus, the PCI cleansing process is then complete making the airborne virus inactive. The molecules of water formed in result of this reaction are returned back into the air.
Plasmacluster Ion Technology has the Ability and Power to reduce Mold Fungus by 90% in One Hour.
Another test showed that 99.7% of the Viruses exposed to the Ions Die within 40 minutes.
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