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Sharp KCC150U Air Purifier - KCC150U Sharp Air Purifier

Sharp KCC150U Air Purifier

All Purpose Air Purification. Best for Room 347 sq. ft.

Out of Stock
Out of Stock

Sharp KCC150U Air Purifier has been replaced with newer model
Sharp KC860U Air Purifier

Sharp KCC150U Air Purifier - Overview

Sharp KCC150U Air Purifier is a Largest size air purifier from Sharp KCC series of air purifier with humidifying function. Sharp KCC150U Air Purifier provides effective particle filtration, chemical and odor removal combined with airborne pathogen control in areas up to 1020 sq. ft. Sharp's exclusive humidifying function produces fine water mist to extend the lifetime of Positive & Negative Ion shower and brings relief from dry skin, nose and throat.

Sharp KCC150U Replacement Filters

Sharp FZ-C150HFU HEPA Filter
Sharp FZ-C150DFU Carbon Filter
Sharp FZ-C100MFU Mist Filter

Sharp KCC150U Air Purifier Recommended for:

- Effective Allergens and Dust Removal.
- Humidifying Air, when Needed.
- Effective Chemical and Odor Control.
- Strong Airborne Pathogens Control (Plasmacluster PCI).

Sharp KCC150U Air Purifier Highly Effective Against:

- Mold and plant spores
- Pollen, Pet dander
- House dust mites and debris
- Lung damaging dust
- Bird feather dust
- Asbestos dust
- Cuisine odors
- Tobacco and cigarette smoke
- Over 4000 regular chemicals
- Microbes, Bacteria, Viruses

Sharp KCC150U Air Purifier Comes:

- Fully Assembled.
- With All Filters Installed.
- Ready-to-Use. No installation required.

Sharp KCC150U Air Purifier Manufacturer's Warranty:

1 Year Parts and Labor.

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